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StarCorr Box  ( Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes )

Starline can design and execute custom corrugated packaging to protect very delicate or sensitive objects, products like large circuit boards, computer peripherals or medical devices, for example. For many of the world’s leading names in telecommunications, electronics, medical imaging and robotics, instrumentation and testing equipment, Starline provides sophisticated solutions in custom-designed corrugated boxes.
Like other protective packaging solutions, Starline’s custom corrugated and foam can by hybridize to accommodate all kinds of unique requirements.

Salient Features of our Boxes:-
  • Simple and quick to assemble pallet box
  • Delivered in flat packs for conventional storage
  • Pack comprises of box, and 2 way or 4 way entry wooden or plywood pallets.
  • Rigid and secure for shipping
  • Widely approved around the world and 100% recyclable.
  • Reduce packing and unpacking labour.
  • The fumigation is totally not required.
  • High stacking strength
  • Up to 2 tons weight of materials can be packed.
  • Best for control panels, heavy UPS and other electric and electronics goods packing
Heavy duty corrugated boxes in Bangalore  
We here at Starline design these corrugated boxes as per your requirement and specification. We can provide you with heavy duty StarCorr 3, 5 & 7 ply boxes. Starline offers you a combination of wood and Heavy duty corrugated boxes in Bangalore. which reduces only the cost and weight but provides strength and quality which matches up to export standards.  
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