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Wood Treatment
  • ASCU & Boron Treatment
The wood boring insects tunneling between the bark and wood cause the greatest amount of injury, as branches and trunks may be girdled and killed, thus weaken the tree.
a). The required quantity of wood should be dipped in a chemical solution for a minimum of 12 hours.
b). Next process is in the dryer. Here the moisture content in the wood will be reduced to about 30 percentages and the drying has to done in Kiln.
  • Anti-Fungal Treatment

Wood is prone to fungal and termite attack.
Generally fungal attack can occur only when the equilibrium moisture content of the wood is greater than 20% and the temperature is below 40 degree centigrade .The presence of fungal fruiting bodies on the surface of wood indicates the presence of rot., and affected wood can be soft and spongy or brittle and powdery

  • Fumigation


Container Loading and Unloading
Starline also provides a full range of container-related services: loading and unloading, stripping, empties management and stowing, truck reloading, container depot administration and other activities related to the handling of containerized goods. We can load individual items (boats, vehicles, etc.) or entire shipments of goods. Starline can provide photo-documentation and other forms of post-transit condition analyses. We can also provide cross-docking, pick-and-pack and other fulfillment services.

Flat Racking

Flat racks are large metal frames to which an oversized piece of equipment can be fastened; the flat rack can then be securely fixed to the ocean-going vessel on which the equipment is to be transported. The challenge in properly flat racking is to make sure that a payload is firmly secured to the flat rack without damaging the item itself. Care must be given to precise centers of gravity when loading a flat rack and to ensuring that protruding elements of the payload are protected. Lashing needs to be secured to and channeled via parts of the payload that are strong enough to withstand the pressure as damage in transit can occur not only from the motion of the ship but also from the pressure of the lashing being applied against small or fragile protruding parts.
Starline is a specialist at designing flat-racking support systems, as well as loading and securing massive pieces of equipment or supplies, everything from enormous earth movers, A/C condensers and oil field equipment to boats, RVs and fire trucks.

In-House Packing

When short distance transportation is not a risk to the products we package, many of Starline’s customers prefer to have their products packed by Starline’s skilled artisans at the local Starline Facility. The product can be shipped directly to Starline, or Starline will utilize its fleet of trucks to retrieve the product(s)
Once in-house, our team will weigh and measure the product(s), create a design specific to the needs of the product, produce the packaging solution and then package the product for shipment. Shipment to the final destination is typically done directly from Starline’s facility or we can return it to you.
In some cases our customers need to ship multiple items to Starline for consolidation prior to packing; in these situations Starline can provide space for this purpose, track the receipts whether they are from your facility or your supplier's, then assemble the items as required prior to packing.

On-Site Packing

In house Fabrication with On site packing:
One of Starline skilled employees will visit the your site to measure and photograph the product(s) that need to be packed. Utilizing this information Starline will create a design and produce the packaging within our facility then return to your facility for final pack.

On site construction with On site packing:

Often the scope of the packing effort is significant, requiring multiple solutions to be produced over a short period of time. In this scenario it is often cost effective for Starline to bring a team of employees along with one of our fully equipped trucks to your site for on-site design and production. Our team measures and designs on-site, creates the packaging and completes the packing effort.

On site construction with On site packing – Long Term:

Many of Starline’s customers have decided to outsource their entire packing and shipping operations to Starline; allowing the customer to focus on their area of expertise while gaining the benefit of Starline’s experience, purchasing power and flexible resources. Starline establishes a full-time operation within the customers facility, creating packaging solutions and packing products as they are produced. Starline manages the space, sources the raw materials and flexes the team as required to meet the needs of the customer.



Packing Design

Starline designs complete packing solutions based on customer requirements.
At Starline we know that every customer has different needs, hence we design every product based on your requirement.
With a combination of our expertise in wood technology and with the help of modern technology we design each of our product to protect your product.

Starline's packaging design team can help you with your individual needs by enhancing your image, product protection, handling, storage, transport and environmental needs.

With your specific needs in mind, Starline's in-house engineers, sales team and customer service department will work with you to ensure your packaging needs are being met.

  Machine packing in Bangalore
Export Packaging that conform to IPPC/ISPM 15 Regulations
ISPM 15 regulations are in effect for international shipping.
Is the packaging you use compliant?
Starline’s packaging materials ensure you are.
Industrial packaging in Bangalore
The importance of the new phytosanitary regulations

Due to the growth of global trade, there has been an increasing concern about the possible introduction of damaging plant pests and pathogens to agriculture and forest resources. Untreated wood packaging material (WPM) is typically the means used by these unwelcome pests to move between continents. To limit these risks, a new international phytosanitary standard (ISPM 15) has been established. ISPM 15 requires that solid wood packing material (SWPM) such as pallets, crates, boxes and dunnage are treated prior to international shipping.


With over 30 years experience in the manufacturing of Industrial packaging in Bangalore and with a strong presence in over 35 countries, Starline is prepared to offer its expertise wherever required. Starline presents its customers with valuable advice on import regulations, including whether shipments require treated WPM. We prepare the packaging required and stamp it with an internationally accepted, IPPC-approved, mark that serves as proof of compliance for your packaging solutions. This stamp is critical to the acceptance of your shipment, as unmarked WPM is considered non-compliant and fumigated..

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