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Wooden Packing

Mr Raju Jacob, the director, who began his career in a Saw Mill, started Starline in the late 1970’s. He has come from a family of renowned saw millers in Kerala.
So when it come to wood technology Starline is the best at it. With the combination of the knowledge of wood and engineering analysis. we here at Starline provide you with the best Wooden Packing manufacturer in Bangalore.


When your product tips the scale in the tens (or even hundreds) of tons, you simply must call STARLINE. We have unsurpassed capability in the design and fabrication of heavy duty skids for immense items such as Turbines, Generators Oilfield Pumps, Machines, Transformers etc.


When skidding for ocean transit, where a payload can be exposed to forces along six axes of movement (roll, pitch, yaw, heave, surge and sway), shifting of such massive loads can spell disaster. Starline’s extensive knowledge of these complete forces combined with our experience working with timbers, steel beams and other structures assures the most cost effective solution of your highly-valued products.

  Wooden Packing manufacturer in Bangalore

The packing wood shall be in accordance with DIN 4074-1 & 2 Specification, that is to confirm, any cracks, insect attacks, wane edges, knots, bark pockets, moisture etc.
For export cases normally using treated rubber wood / Silver oak or Pine wood. But heavy machineries have to be packed either with Silver oak or selected Treated rubber wood


We offer different types of wooden packing solutions based on your Requirement:-

Nail Type-This types of wooden packing boxes are fabricated using nails and are mainly used to pack light weight machines weighing up to 2 tones.

Bolt type- This type of wooden boxes are fabricated using bolts and nuts. This type offers high strength and rigidity and can be used to pack products that weigh above 2 tones.

At Starline we engineer these boxes such that they can easily withstand the stresses and strains that act upon our boxes at the time of lifting or transportation.

Open Slat Crating

There are times when shipping items bare or open on a pallet or skid will not provide enough protection yet full boxing is cost prohibitive. In addition, minimizing weight can be a concern for shipping via air freight. In these cases, open slat crating – that provides a framework for protection but without the weight or cost of a full box – can be just the right answer.



Starline, offer various types of Plywood boxes in Bangalore. Plywood boxes are extensively used for light weight packaging of machine components or spare parts.
At Starline we design these boxes to protect your valuable components from damage and also offer you the most cost effective solution.
We make use of different types of Plywood based on the application.

Marine grade plywood has to be used for seaworthy export cases which are shipping through Flat Rack or Open container and commercial plywood is for steel dry cargo or air freight. The marine grade plywood is designed to withstand rot and use a water resistant phenol-resorcinol glue to prevent delamination and retain strength in high humidity

Plywood boxes in BangaloreWooden packaging boxes manufacturers

Heat treated Wooden Pallet manufacturer in Bangalore

We offer Heat treated wooden pallets for export, A Pallet sometimes called a skid, is a flat transport structure that supports goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, front loader or other jacking device. A pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load which allows handling and storage efficiencies. Goods or shipping containers are often placed on a pallet secured with strapping, stretch wrap or shrink wrap and shipped.

We can design Heat treated Wooden Pallet manufacturer in Bangalore as per your requirements and also can make standard pallets such as North American Pallets, Euro Pallets and Australian standard Pallets.We are the best Wooden pallets manufacturers in South India, Bangalore.


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