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Industry Outlook Industrial Packaging Award 2020



Presentation on Event_Rev.01

Conducted an event called "Customer First Month" on 27th-Aug-2016, to bring responsiveness in employees for Importance on Quality of products being manufactured at our end. To bring about awareness on man, machine, materials and methods involved in manufacturing the products.


Importance of camp

Our Health project addresses the issues for various eye ailments, whereby the employees are screened for the different possible eye conditions. While the less serious cases are resolved o on the spot with the help of free medicines and quick treatments, the cases that require further procedures are then directed towards our partner healthcare facility for the treatment, as much as possible.


Presentation on Event 19-08-2017

We team Starline are committed to valuing our customer needs and delivering world class packaging products & solutions. We all take personal responsibility to deliver our products and services with the right quality at the first time, on time & every time…!